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Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam – Theories of Counseling

Theories of Counseling for Addiction Treatment

  1. Psychoanalytical Theory (Sigmund Freud)Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...
  2. Individual Psychology (Alfred Adler)
  3. Person-Centered (Carl Rogers)Starting in the 1950s Carl Rogers brought Pers...
  4. Existential Counseling (Rollo May and Viktor Frankl)Deutsch: Viktor Frankl
  5. Gestalt (Fritz Perls)
  6. Rational-Emotive Therapy (Albert Ellis)
  7. Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne)
  8. Behavioral Theories (B. F. Skinner)
  9. Reality Therapy (William Glasser)

Other Counseling Models and Techniques

  1. Brief Therapies
  2. Helping Models – The Skilled Helper (Gerard Egan)


Online Resources

A Psychotherapeutic and Skills-Training Approach to the Treatment of Drug Addiction

The Basics of Addiction Counseling: Desk Reference

Psychology Theories



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