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Alcohol and Drug Counselor | Performance Domain 1: Screening

Screening is a tool used to determine whether a client is eligible, and appropriate, for admission into a particular program.


Global Criteria

  • Evaluate psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use and abuse.
  • Determine the client’s eligibility and appropriateness for admission or referral.
  • Identify any co-occurring conditions, such as medical, psychiatric, physical, etc. This will indicate the need for additional assessment and services.
  • Abide by applicable laws, regulations, and agency policies governing alcohol and other drug abuse services.


  • Select and apply appropriate screening tools
  • Use interviewing techniques to gather information
  • Assess the severity of the client’s disorder (substance use and co-occurring mental disorders)
  • Build trust and establish rapport with your client
  • Share with your client the rationale for the use of specific tools
  • Explain the results obtained to your client


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