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Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | What to Study

The structure of the updated exam for substance abuse counselors by the IC&RC, Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) 2015, is basically the same as in the previous exam. The main change is in the 4 Performance Domains, which used to be 8 Practice Domains. The number of questions in the updated exam (available on February 16, 2015) are the same: 150, of which 25 are pre-test questions, 137 questions for the 4 Performance Domains, and 13 questions for the Case Study (based on the 12 Core Functions of Substance Abuse Counselors).

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  1. Terry says:

    Ok, I was a bit confused regarding the previous 8 practice exams not being in effect anymore and replaced with the 4 performance exam. Yes?

  2. Dianna says:

    What is different about your study guide than the one recommended by ICRC through ready to test?

    • Hello Dianna, my study guide is completely online, so you can access it when it is convenient for you. It covers not only the 4 Performance Domains, but all the drugs of abuse and the pharmacology of addiction, theories of counseling, the 12 core functions, and case study practice, plus practice quizzes for the drugs of abuse and the theories of counseling. It also includes video-lessons and slideshows that I make and upload to my YouTube channel, summarizing and covering the most important information. As a subscriber, you receive feedback and support through email if you have any questions about the materials. I offer different subscription options (not just one price for everyone) so you can choose the one that meets your needs. You have the convenience to access it anywhere as long as you have internet access, so you don’t have to carry a paper-version or hard copy. I designed this study guide two years ago and I update it and improve it constantly.

      I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

      Best regards,

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