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Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam|Assessment

LCDC Exam Review – Online Study Guide


CAC & CAP Exam Review « How to Prepare for the Certified Addiction Counselor and Certified Addiction Professional Exam 2015

Are you preparing to take the Certified Addiction Counselor or Certified Addiction Professional exam in Florida? Check  out my updated study guide for the Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) certification exam by the IC&RC, and prepare more effectively. The ADC exam is the equivalent credential for the CAC and CAP in Florida.

Learn more about the Updated ADC exam 2015 Online Study Guide!

Learn more about the ADC 2015 Exam Structure: What to Expect and How to Prepare.



Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | Performance Domain 1: Assessment

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | Performance Domain 1: Screening

Study Tips to Pass the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 « LCDC Exam Review

Study Tips

Preparing for the certification exam for substance abuse counselors, or the Alcohol and Drug Counselor exam by the IC&RC, can be a challenging but enjoyable task, especially if you (the candidate) appreciate the reasons behind taking the exam and adopt a positive attitude toward the process. In order to perform well on the exam, I recommend you to know something about its structure and to be familiar with answering multiple-choice questions. It is also important to carefully review and understand the topics covered on the exam. Here I will share with you some tips on how to study more effectively.

Study Tips to Prepare More Effectively

You may not perform as well as you want or expect on this exam for two reasons:

Insufficient mastery of the material, and
Difficulty with taking exams of this kind.
The good news? Both situations are preventable!

Study strategies that work best for one person may not work best for another. Study strategies are very effetive when they suit each person’s learning style. Some study strategies that tend to work for many candidates (all of you preparing to take the exam) are the following:

Aim for quality of study time, not just quantity. Information makes it into long-term memory when its meaning is understood. We understand things better when we take our time to allow our brain to process the information. So, it is more efficient to spend 1 thoughtful hour on learning material than 5 hours repeatedly skimming it. Study to learn and not just memorize! ….

read more at Study Tips « LCDC Exam Review.

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | What to Study

The structure of the updated exam for substance abuse counselors by the IC&RC, Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) 2015, is basically the same as in the previous exam. The main change is in the 4 Performance Domains, which used to be 8 Practice Domains. The number of questions in the updated exam (available on February 16, 2015) are the same: 150, of which 25 are pre-test questions, 137 questions for the 4 Performance Domains, and 13 questions for the Case Study (based on the 12 Core Functions of Substance Abuse Counselors).

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about this information.



Study Guide for the Updated Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015

Prepare more effectively for the updated IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015.

Click on the image to visit the page and learn more about the online study materials.

ADC/LCDC Study Guide 2015

The updated IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor (2015) is the same exam for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors or LCDC Exam in Texas. It is also the exam for Certified Substance Abuse Counselors or CSAC exam in different states in the US.

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