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Meet The Counselor Interns From San Antonio, Texas

Hello everybody!

I invite you to visit Counselor Interns HeadQuaters. Two of my colleagues, Tunisha Potter and Brittany Duncan, and I got together to create a blog were we can publish information about the different fields and licenses in counseling, such as the LPC. LMFT, and LCDC.

Some of you (subscribers) have requested that I publish information about the LPC, including a study guide for the certification exam.

Tunisha, Brittany, and I are academic advisors at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Tx. When I met Tunisha and Brittany, they expressed to me their dream of creating a blog where they could share with others all kinds of valuable information that they are receiving from working on their master’s degrees. So, since I have experience with creating and managing blogs, and they have all this knowledge they want to share, we decided to collaborate.

Come visit the new blog and let us know what you would like to get from this site and how we can provide information and guidance that will help you make a better decision when choosing your career path. Tunisha, Brittany, and I would love to read your comments, ideas, and suggestions. Just as I was excited when I created my first blog, and even happier when I received the very first comment, Tunisha and Brittany will be happy to receive a “welcome to blogging” message and lots of support from future students, counselor interns, professional counselors, and everybody out there with a genuine passion for helping others.

I hope that you like Counselor Interns HeadQuaters as much as you liked LCDC Exam Review.

– Samantha Delint-Neely

Counselor Interns HeadQuarters

nice to meet youTunisha Potter, Brittany Duncan, and I (Samantha Delint-Neely) are three counselor interns (CIs) working on our licenses in San Antonio, TX. Together we will share with all of you the experiences and knowledge we are getting from our internships. We invite you to get to know each of us better by reading our Bios.

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  1. Jessica Alcala says:

    Hello, I’m jessica and I am working towards getting my LCDC certification and I was wondering what were are your hours like when you started you internship? The reason I ask is because I work and go to school full time and I trying to figure out about how many hours of training I can get a day?

    • Hello Jessica. Are you doing your internship hours or your practicum hours? The internship hours are required before you become a CI and the practicum hours are required to become fully licensed. When I did my internship hours, I managed to get 11-12 hours/week, and I was a full-time student and working part-time; I did this for 2 semesters to complete my 320 internship hours. The practicum hours depend on whether you have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s, or a master’s. The practicum hours must be full-time (40 hrs/week) with supervision.

      I hope this info answers your question. Let me know if you have any other questions. You can follow my blog at https://lcdcexamreview.wordpress.com

  2. Marvin Schultz says:

    Hi my name is Marvin Schultz first of all I’m happy I found this site. I’m a 41 year old that went to SAC then transferred to UTSA then stopped going to school all together. I’m tired of waiting tables and I’m finally ready to go back to school. I have so many questions I don’t even know where to start. Any suggestions? I’m interested in becoming a LCDC but I’m concerned about drug related felonies preventing me from getting a license also I’ve got defaulted student loans . I know I’m not going to get rich being a LCDC but I feel I could help people who a presently struggling with addiction. Please if you can send me information as to how to get started it would really be appreciated thanks. My email is Marvin.schultz9@gmail.com

    • Hello Marvin,

      Thank you for contacting us. I have a few suggestions for you to get back to school. First, I provide you with the link to the LCDC program at SAC, AAS in Addictions Counseling

      You need to meet with the coordinator of the program, Dr. Edwin Bergen, to get accepted into the program. You could talk to him about your concerns related to the felonies. You can also check out the Texas Administrative Code for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, section 140.431.

      To return to SAC, you need to create and submit an application through Applytexas.org. Make sure you create an application for the semester you plan to attend. Go here Future Student Application. You will need to provide official transcripts from all the colleges you have attended, other than SAC. The application is free and very easy to follow.

      I suggest you to call Dr. Bergen or his secretary, Holly Matthews, to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Bergen. Here is the contact information, Human Services Department at SAC – Contact Information

      I hope this information helps. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

  3. Misty Ball says:

    I’m interested in completing the LCDC Internship and need a little help locating places to apply.
    Thank You

    • Hello Misty Ball,

      Thanks for your comment! Check out this link http://www.recoverytoday.net/employment, it provides many opportunities in Texas.

      You can also create an account for Work in Texas and create a profile that matches opportunities for LCDC Interns.

      Another option is to Google treatment centers in SA, Texas, etc…and basically contact the places you are interested in and ask them if they are a CTI.

      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  4. Debora Gabbard says:


    I’m Debora and am searching for a practicum site in San Antonio. Do you have any ideas?


    • Hi Debora,

      Thanks for your message. Check out this link


      I always go here to find opportunities for LCDC Is. Make sure than when you contact a potential site, you ask them if they are a CTI, otherwise you won’t get your hours.

      Another way to find CTIs in San Antonio is through LinkedIn groups. There is a TAAP San Antonio Chapter group and you can network and meet people that might know about CTIs. That’s what I have done and it is the easiest way.

      Most Methadone Clinics in San Antonio are CTIs and always need LCDC Is.

      I hope this helps!! Enjoy your practicum 🙂

  5. norma dimas says:

    Hello.. Im currently a counselor intern..im working towards my license. I would to know if you could provide me assistance on the lcdc exam.Tgank youyou

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