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Cravings are different from wants and desires. They are stickier.

Understanding and treating addiction requires an understanding of what cravings are and how they work. Helping someone overcome and recovery from addiction is not about helping them stop using. I believe it is important to help our clients understand the difference between wants, desires, and cravings. This is a great article addressing this issue.

Addiction Inbox: Craving Relief.


  1. Peter Guess says:

    Thanks Samantha. Brilliant post and referral.Have posted on two Facebook sites – one a page and other my FB group some may be interested in “Open Space 4 Recovery” for counsellors, sponsors and people in recovery: https://www.facebook.com/groups/163516182952/

    • Hello Peter!

      I’m glad you found this post; it is a really good article. I just checked out your FB page and I would like to join your group. I will send you a request through FB and I will let others know. Great job!

  2. Hope everything is well with you Samantha! Always enjoy seeing your work pop up in my reader!

    • Hello Jon! It’s good to hear from you. I am doing well; I started a nutrition club online and I am managing some clients with different needs, from weight management to nutrition recovery. It’s keeping me super busy but it is a lot of fun. And I try to make time to publish some posts here and there. Thanks for the message 🙂

      I hope you are having a good day!

  3. Pam Merten says:

    This is EXACTLY the article I needed! I have 2 clients who are struggling with cravings. Today I was going to look for the information I’ve stored somewhere on my computer to pass on to them. You saved me time, but most importantly, my clients will be able to access more from your sites. Thanks again!

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