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Consultation with Other Professionals in Regard to Client Treatment Services


Consultation with other professionals such as in-house staff and outside professionals is important in order to assure a comprehensive, competent care for the client.

Global Criteria

  • Recognize issues that are beyond the counselor’s knowledge and skills.
  • Consult with appropriate resources in order to secure the provision of effective treatment services.
  • Abide by applicable laws, regulations, and agency policies in regards to client’s confidentiality.
  • Explain the rationale for the consultation to the client, if appropriate.

Miller, Geri. “Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling.” 2nd ed.


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  1. […] When selecting and administering assessment instruments, we need to know which are the current validated instruments and protocols (remember validity and reliability); we also need to take into consideration the limitations of both the assessment instruments and the counselor’s training and education. Our responsibility is to use these instruments appropriately, so we must recognized when we need assistance from a supervisor (remember: consultation with other professionals). […]

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