Assessment is the procedure used to identify and evaluate client’s strengths, weaknesses, problems and needs. This information is necessary in order to develop a treatment plan.

Global Criteria

  • Gather information from the client regarding history of alcohol and other drug abuse.
  • Use appropriate interviewing techniques.
  • Obtain and corroborate information from significant collateral sources in regards to client’s alcohol and drug abuse and psychosocial history, through the use of appropriate methods and procedures.
  • Identify appropriate assessment tools.
  • Explain assessment rationale to client.
  • Develop a diagnostic evaluation of the client’s substance abuse and co-occurring disorders based on the results of all assessments. The goal is to provide an integrated approach to treatment based on client’s strengths, weaknesses, problems and needs.

Miller, Geri. “Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling.” 2nd ed.


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