Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | What to Study

The structure of the updated exam for substance abuse counselors by the IC&RC, Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) 2015, is basically the same as in the previous exam. The main change is in the 4 Performance Domains, which used to be 8 Practice Domains. The number of questions in the updated exam (available on February 16, 2015) are the same: 150, of which 25 are pre-test questions, 137 questions for the 4 Performance Domains, and 13 questions for the Case Study (based on the 12 Core Functions of Substance Abuse Counselors).

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Study Guide for the Updated Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015

Prepare more effectively for the updated IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015. Click on the image to visit the page and learn more about the online study materials. The updated IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor (2015) is the same exam for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors or LCDC Exam in Texas. It is also the … Continue reading

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 – Online Study Guide

LCDC Exam Review 2015! What to Expect and How to Prepare for the IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) Examination 2015 Open Registration! Online materials available on December 19, 2014.

LCDC Exam Review 2015 | Updated Study Guide for the Substance Abuse Counselor Exam 2015

LCDC Exam Review 2015

The Updated Exam for Substance Abuse Counselors – What Has Changed?

Hello everyone! This is a short and quick post to introduce the new Alcohol and Drug Counselor certification exam by the IC&RC, which will be administered by all IC&RC member boards in late 2014, early 2015.  I will be publishing more detailed information about the test, but for now I will mention what the new examination will cover.

The main change is in the name of the content. The very well known 8 Practice Domains were grouped into 4 Performance Domains. Notice the change in the word practice, into performance. Is the information completely different, then? The answer is, no. The information is the same; in fact, the new exam will continue to measure competency in the same areas. The 4 Performance Domains, are:

  • Performance Domain 1: Screening, Assessment, and Engagement
  • Performance Domain 2: Treatment Planning, Collaboration, and Referral
  • Performance Domain 3: Counseling
  • Performance Domain 4: Professional and Ethical Responsibilities

Engagement = Client, Family, and Community Education

Collaboration = Service Coordination

So, if you’re planning on taking the new LCDC exam, also known as the Alcohol and Drug Counselor exam, by the International Credentialing and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC), stay tuned because I will update my blog and my study guide, and I will be publishing more information related to this new exam.

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Preparing for the Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor exam CATC

“I took mine on July 23 and passed. Although it was not for the LCDC, it was for the CATC, the information you have really helped me and I’m thankful.” – Candace


The LCDC Exam Online Study Guide can really help you prepare to take the Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor exam. This exam includes the topics covered in other certification exams such as the 8 Practice Domains (from the TAP 21 publication by SAMHSA), the 12 Core Functions, Pharmacology of Addiction (drugs of abuse and their effects), Counseling Theories, etc.

Prepare more effectively for your certification exam: LCDC, CADC, CATC, and the IC&RC exam for substance abuse counselors.

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– Samantha

Drugs and Drug Control in the USA | Coursera Course

Another great course for substance abuse counselors and counselor interns. It starts today and you can join for free. It is offered on Coursera byThe American Disease: Drugs and Drug Control in the USA | Coursera the University of Florida.




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