Treatment Knowledge

Models of Treatment

The substance abuse counselor must be familiar with the most accepted and scientifically supported models of substance abuse prevention, treatment, recovery, relapse prevention, and continuing care. Knowledge in this area also includes:

  • Philosophies, practices, policies, and outcomes of the most accepted therapeutic models.
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Support groups and self-help groups
  • Behavioral self-control training
  • Mental health
  • Psychotherapy

A competent substance abuse counselor must be open to new, evidence-based treatment approaches, including pharmacological interventions.

Family, Friends, and Community

Substance abuse counselors must also recognize the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in the client’s environment, since they could be either sources of strength or obstacles during treatment and recovery processes.

It is important to learn ways to incorporate family and social networks in treatment and recovery, and appreciate the many ways in which they could enhance these processes.

Research, Outcomes, and Applications

Knowledge in the following areas is necessary:

  • Research methods in the behavioral and social sciences.
  • Research literature related to the prevention and treatment of addiction.
  • Research on epidemiology, etiology, and treatment efficacy.
  • Benefits and limitations of research.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Knowledge in this area includes:

  • How multiple disciplines contribute to treatment efficacy.
  • Familiarity with terminology and concepts in order to communicate effectively across disciplines.

The substance abuse counselor must show a desire to collaborate with others, respect for the contributions of multiple disciplines, and commitment to professionalism.

TAP 21


  1. yvette thomas says:

    Here is the ASAM information I mentioned to you. If you copy and past it in a word doc it will help you the core functions as well as the six dimensions. If you need sample treatment plans I have some a lot so you will have to be specific and I will get them to you as soon as I can. I work full time and go to school full time but i will get it to you. Hopefully this will help anyone preparing for the test or already working. What you are doing is great maybe you can do the same for the LPC exam 🙂 (hint)

    (response edited by Samantha; go to post)

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