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Preparing for the LCDC Exam (State exam)

Hello everyone! I am finally getting ready to take the LCDC exam. For those of you who are not familiar with this acronym, it means Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. LCDCs are professionals who want to help people overcome alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD – another acronym) addictions.

I am creating this blog for many purposes. The first one is because I want to post everything I have learned about becoming an LCDC, aka drug addictions counselor. By doing this, it will be sort of a review for me before I take the exam; that way I can have everything I need to study in one place, it will be always available (all I need is a computer with internet access), and I can keep adding new information to my “study guide.” The third purpose of my blog is to share this information with people out there who are interested in addictions counseling and addictions science. This blog might be useful for those who want to become LCDCs in Texas, and like me, are getting prepared to take the state examination. I also believe that this is a good way for me to find out if I am learning the right stuff. As long as people read my blog, and most importantly, other LCDCs and experienced professionals in the field, provide me with feedback, this will end up being a great opportunity for me and others to learn what are the most effective ways nowadays to help people with ATOD addictions.

Ok, the last purpose of creating this blog is to link it to my other blog, which I started in March of this year (2012). I like to write, although I do not consider myself a good writer and I know I need lots of practice, but I especially like to write about a passion of mine which is the study and understanding of human behavior and mental disorders linked to drug addiction.

I hope this blog is helpful and useful. This is all for now, but I will start blogging pretty soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

-Samantha Delint

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