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Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | Performance Domain 1: Assessment

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam 2015 | Performance Domain 1: Screening

Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam – Online Review Weekly and Monthly Subscriptions

Summer Specials!

Monthly subscriptions!I am offering weekly and monthly subscriptions to the LCDC Exam Review Study Guide (Online). Note that this is not the same thing as the Blog, which is open and free. The actual online study guide offers very affordable subscription options, whether you need a quick refresher of the topics for just one week, or a more detailed preparation for two months.

Come check it out for more information → LCDC Exam Review – Online Study Guide

Regards! – Samantha

Practice Domain 6. Client, Family, and Community Education

Practice Domain 5. Individual, Family, and Group Counseling

Practice Domains for Substance Abuse Counselors – Video Lessons on YouTube

Hello everyone!

I uploaded two more (short) video lessons to the LCDC Exam Review YouTube channel: Referral and Service Coordination, Practice Domains 3 and 4. Check them out!

LCDC Exam Review – YouTube Channel

Have a great week!


LCDC Exam Material 2014 – Study Effectively for the IC&RC ADC Exam

Hello everyone! Are you preparing to take the IC&RC ADC exam? Come check out my blog to learn about the new and improved online study materials. I am offering different options to better meet everyone needs.

Have you failed the LCDC Exam more than twice? Check out the affordable online study materials. New subscription options!

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