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Preparing for the Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor exam CATC

“I took mine on July 23 and passed. Although it was not for the LCDC, it was for the CATC, the information you have really helped me and I’m thankful.” – Candace


The LCDC Exam Online Study Guide can really help you prepare to take the Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor exam. This exam includes the topics covered in other certification exams such as the 8 Practice Domains (from the TAP 21 publication by SAMHSA), the 12 Core Functions, Pharmacology of Addiction (drugs of abuse and their effects), Counseling Theories, etc.

Prepare more effectively for your certification exam: LCDC, CADC, CATC, and the IC&RC exam for substance abuse counselors.

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– Samantha

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