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Practice Domains for Substance Abuse Counselors – Video Lessons on YouTube

Hello everyone!

I uploaded two more (short) video lessons to the LCDC Exam Review YouTube channel: Referral and Service Coordination, Practice Domains 3 and 4. Check them out!

LCDC Exam Review – YouTube Channel

Have a great week!


8 Practice Domains – Screening (Video)

8 Practice Domains – Screening (Video)

8 Practice Domains for Substance Abuse Counselors

I. Clinical Evaluation

  • Screening


LCDC Exam Review – Subscribe! Youtube Channel

Consejero Certificado en Drogadicciones – Examen de Certificación Internacional

Si estas interesado en tomar el exámen de certificación internacional para Consejeros en Drogadicciones por la IC&RC, suscríbete a mi guía de estudio en linea. Yo aprobé el exámen en Mayo de 2013.

Sigue el enlace para más información sobre mi guía de estudio.

LCDC Exam Review  – Certificación Internacional por la IC&RC, ADC Exam

Addictions Exam: 8 Practice Domains and 12 Core Functions

Addictions Exam Youtube Channel

Visit the LCDC Exam Review Youtube Channel!

Addictions Counselor Exam – What to Expect and How to Prepare for it

Subscribe to the new LCDC Exam Review channel on Youtube!

Youtube channel lcdc

Addictions Counselor Exam: Free Webinar

Addictions Counselor Exam: Free Webinar

Hello everyone! Feel free to post a question for me. I will be addressing these questions on Saturday. It would be nice for me to know the topics that you would like me to discuss during the webinar. I will be sharing tips on how to prepare effectively to pass the certification exam for substance abuse counselor, aka IC&RC ADC.

I hope to see you there!

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