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How do I find a Practicum or Internship Site?


Samantha DeLint-Neely, LCDC I:

How many of you have the same question?

Originally posted on Counselor Interns HeadQuarters:

Finding a practicum or internship site for most counseling students is a daunting task. We all hear the stories of how difficult it is to secure a site, let alone a site that is a great fit for us. For some programs they match you with a site but if you are in a program like mine, the responsibility to secure a placement for your internship is left up to you. Here are some tips to help you and maybe give you peace of mind as you start this journey.

1. Start Early!  Seriously, I’m not joking you have to start as soon as possible. Everyone says start early and you may even think you are ahead of the game, but in reality you probably should’ve started when you began your program. I started looking for a site in January 2012 when I was scheduled to start to my practicum in August 2012 and every person I contacted said they were…

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Author: Samantha DeLint-Neely, LCDC I

Hi! I am the author of LCDC Exam Review. Check out my blog and Youtube channel, where you can find short lessons to help you prepare for the certification exam for substance abuse counselors. Learn more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile. I successfully passed the IC&RC ADC exam in May 2013.

4 thoughts on “How do I find a Practicum or Internship Site?

  1. Hi Samantha, I have a question. I am an intern, have my 4,000 hours but haven’t taken the final exam. I am also searching for online work, are you aware of anything that would be beneficial at the present time. By the way I love your blog, thanks for everything, you are a real blessing to so many.

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